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Marnelyn (Jazmin) Pablo


Marnelyn Pablo was born on June 27, 1981 in the Philippines.  She came to United States with her father in November of 1991 and  reside to Stockton, CA along with her father, mother, and three siblings.   She received AA degree in Liberal Studies and BS in  Community Studies, relevant coursework in Written Communications, Business Law, Computer Applications, and Business Management. Responsive Special Education Instructional Assistant who excels at communicating with children with special needs and working collaboratively with the school team. 

Marnelyn have two wonderful boys TJ & Joseph. Marnelyn youngest son Joseph was diagnose with “hereditary spastic paraparesis’ (HSP) at the age four.  The struggles a parent goes through seeing their child in pain is the worst feeling.  For Marnelyn it was seeing her son when he was twenty-six months old, lose his ability to walk little by little. She asked the doctors and professionals to find out what was causing him to lose the ability to walk. No doctor or professional could give her straight answers.  She tried to be strong, but it is so hard not to break down around friends, families, doctors, and professionals.   By the time he was four years old, he lost his ability to walk.  Shriners Children Hospital finally was able to give him the surgery he needed two years later.  However, he still has a long way to go and has required therapy and additional help to strengthen his leg muscles.  You would think for a child to go through all of this it will affect him mentally and emotionally, especially making friends, but it never did.  His classmates, teachers, and others adore him.  Marnelyn have never met anyone who is as strong as him and never allow his ability to affect his everyday life.  He never complains about anything. 


Marnelyn’s journey of life gave her different outlook in life.  She never forgotten what the community and organization did for her son.  Joseph was given a chance to walk again and the organization continues to help him with his needs.  Therefore, Marnelyn got involved with South Stockton Lions Club on June 12, 2013.  She chose the Lions Club because of the giving nature of the organization to the communities they are in.  That brought up further thought for the birth of M&J Helping Hands Inc.  Now, she wants to expand her duties, because she does see this as a duty and obligation towards the communities by building M&J Helping Hands, Inc.  M&J Helping Hands, Inc. is in memory of her best friend who died due to complications of type one diabetes and her son losing his ability to walk at the age of four years old, but continues to fight and make progress.  M&J Helping Hands Inc. wants to give others the same chance as her son.  

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