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 M & J Helping Hands, Inc. “Empower Me” Project!

Target Audience: 

Community, Businesses, & Organizations

Children with disabilities

Services that we provide (Therapeutic Services Martial Arts)


Message: Through community collaboration, we are able to change and improve the lives of disabled children.


Mission:  Our goals is to help empower children with disabilities by providing them with the opportunity to grow and thrive to their full potential.

  • Help children with disabilities partake in sports.

  • Provide financial assistant.

  • Raising awareness for the needs of society.


We envision all children with disabilities to be given an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed, through adaptive services.  Adaptive (enables a person to get along in his or her environment with greatest success and least conflict with others) Services will allow children to explore and engage in activities that will help develop confidence and self-esteem.


  • We would like the community to know that we are striving to empower the families and disabled children.


Objective:  Through this event we are introducing M&J Helping Hands, Inc. services, increase awareness and create community collaboration.


Description of event:  The launching of M&J Helping Hands, Inc. services


Risk assessment:  The strategy is focusing physical development in around of improving growth motor skills, cognitive development, and social-emotional. 


  • The overall goal is to empower children by building their self-esteem through physical fitness, coordination, mobility, self-defense skills, in efforts to ultimately improve their quality of life.

Jason Stewart

Samuel Nehemiah
Steven T. Benedict
Alex Montoya
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