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About Us


    M&J Helping Hands, Inc. (M&J) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that is passionate in providing assistance. M&J was founded in March 2015, created by Marnelyn (Jazmin) Pablo and inspired by a friend who passed in March 2014 due to type one diabetes and her son was diagnosed with hereditary spastic paraparesis (HSP) in May 2009.  Through the hardship she and her son experienced, Marnelyn was led to take action to assist others facing the same challenges. Being a single mother, she understood how others feel in their time of hardship.


      In life, we all have succumb to defeat and failures by decisions that we have made or by what hurt people have done to us. Causing us to feel alone, ashamed, and worthless, with no hope and a broken spirit.  Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  Do I matter?  Does anyone love or care for me genuinely?  Will anyone care if I died today?  Will I ever get a second chance to make things right?  This pertains to the youth and young adults.

       This is where we at M & J Helping Hands, Inc. come in to give others a “helping hand” to “stand up with victory”!  We believe that everyone desires a second chance at life no matter what!  Our vision is to uplift, encourage, and provide resources for those who are willing to bounce back in life in a major way.  From life’s experiences and lots studying, I have learned that we all need two people in life to hold you accountable to help you reach the finish line and cross it with a “victory”!


      Victory is never accomplished alone.  It requires you to have a great team around you.  A boxer gets his/her confidence in knowing he/she is not standing in the ring alone.  The boxer draws his/her strength from those that are in his/her corner.  A boxer depends on their trainer and cutman.  As people, we draw our strength from those who are in our inner circle that we depend on. As they speak into our lives a bond of unity is created as we intertwine our life with theirs, making us stronger, like a cord of three strands.  Who’s in your corner assisting you in your victory?  Will you allow us at M&J to stand in your corner to assist “you” in your victory? Jazmin Lyn

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